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HighTide is a registered charity and we could not champion the next generation of theatre artists and create world-class productions for you without ticket sales, fundraising, sponsorship and public investment.

There are very talented young playwrights working in the UK, and if they are lucky they will find their way to the HighTide Festival Theatre season in Suffolk. With your help HighTide can play an even more major role in promoting the best of new writing in the UK.

Lady Susie Sainsbury (Backstage Trust)

To undertake our work this year we need to raise over £750,000.

We need your help to make these targets. You can show your support in a range of ways:

  • Making a donation;
  • Buying Festival tickets;
  • Recommending the Festival to your friends;
  • Donating your time to help work on the Festival;
  • Writing to your local councillor and MP's about how much you value the HighTide Festival.

We are particularly thankful to our local supporters: Sam Fogg, Criona Palmer and Tony Mackintosh, Clare Parsons and Tony Langham, Albert and Marjorie Scardino, without whose support the Festival could not take place.

If you would like discuss making a donation to HighTide, please contact [email protected] or call 0207 566 9765.