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Pink Lemonade

12 Sep
by Mika Johnson Pumphouse
This is a past event

The Queer House and HighTide present Pink Lemonade by Mika Johnson.

Falling for Simmi was sweet like sugar, until the taste turned bitter. And then there’s Token Toni who loves a bitta bashment and only dates Black/Brown womxn - she ain’t much better. My barber holds the cure to my lesbian urges and straight women are like junk food. Poetry and original beats underscore this story about learning to accept yourself and saying goodbye to a love turned sour.

'Your anxiety must of got lost in the smoke, cos there's that chair behind me, I slump nervously, your hands are over me, quietly you tell me, I've never given anyone a lap dance before, WHAAAAAAT?'

Pink Lemonade, so sour, so sweet.

Details: Thu 12 September, 8pm at Pumphouse

Age recommendation: 14+

Running time: 1 hr

Pink Lemonade is part of Disruption season at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019.

Dates & Locations

Aldeburgh Festival 2019 12 Sep Book tickets
Assembly Festival 31 July - 25 August Visit site
The Gate Theatre 17 - 19 July Visit site

Cast & Creatives

  • Mika Johnson Writer and Performer
  • Emily Aboud Director
  • Martha Godfrey Lighting Design
  • Rachael Young Outside Eye
  • Lydia Birgani-Nia Design
  • Juga Naut & Xana Sound Designer

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