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Disruption: the future of new theatre

31 July - 26 August 2019
at Assembly Roxy

Disruption: the future of new theatre, co-curated by HighTide and Assembly, exclusively at Assembly Roxy

Running July 31st - August 26th, this season will be formed of nine shows, each piece demonstrating HighTide and Assembly's shared vision for new writing as a space for political, contemporary and provocative work, created by new, diverse artists.

Disruption references the type of shows in the season, and an approach to producing them. Unlike the traditional process of play commissioning, HighTide are now welcoming submissions from independent theatre makers to co-produce two of these productions in the season with HighTide, followed by transfers to HighTide Festivals Aldeburgh and Walthamstow.

Alongside these two co-productions and the first show of the season to be announced, HighTide and Bush Theatre's co-production Rust by Kenny Emson, Assembly and HighTide will be co-curating a further programme of six shows which fit the artistic policy of the Disruption season. To be considered for the curated Disruption programme, please apply through Assembly Festival here. We are particularly interested in hearing from theatre makers living and working in Edinburgh, and throughout Scotland.

To find out more about how the HighTide Disruption co-productions work and how to apply, please see below.

Our collaboration to the Disruption co-productions will include:

A headline slot in the Disruption season at Assembly Roxy during Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

Performance slots in the two HighTide Festivals in September 2019 at Aldeburgh and Walthamstow;

Dramaturgy, artistic collaboration and rehearsal support from HighTide’s Artistic Director;

Producing mentoring in contracting, budgeting, cashflow and HR from HighTide’s producing team;

Casting and audition / meeting space at HighTide’s offices in Farringdon, London;

£5,000 investment towards producing costs;

PR representation by The Corner Shop PR and marketing support by Joe Public.

HighTide Festival is the bridge between new theatre makers starting out on the fringe and the festival’s proven ability to launch professional careers into the UK’s leading theatres. We want to help theatre makers, independent producers and companies to make the most out of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe by working with HighTide as co-producers. We want the HighTide Festivals to be a launch pad to securing a full-length run by performing to audiences unable to make it up to Edinburgh, as well as the opportunity to showcase your work in London and Suffolk.

As a company you will need to be the lead Producer for your production, with support, collaboration and guidance from HighTide.

This will include, but not be limited to:

  • Raising and balancing the production budget beyond box office income and HighTide's investment;
  • Contract and manage the production team;
  • Cover the mandatory Fringe and venue costs in Edinburgh which are: MTFF guarantee to Assembly, along with brochure entry cost and Fringe Society registration fee.

You will also need to be based in the UK and be able to commit to the full Edinburgh Festival Fringe run as well as be available for HighTide Festivals in September.

What are HighTide looking for?

HighTide exists to commission and develop emerging UK-based playwrights with brilliant potential, and produce their plays in East Anglia, London and beyond in productions that launch their careers and engage audiences nationally. Our vision for new writing is political, contemporary and provocative, created by new, diverse artists. Through Disruption, are are looking for collaborators to help develop what a HighTide show can be.

How do I apply?

If you are an theatre maker, producer or company and are planning to stage a new play at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe by an artist(s) that fits HighTide and Disruption's artistic mission, then we want to hear from you.

For HighTide Disruption co-productions:

Applications can be made by downloading and completing the Application Form and Equal Opportunities Form and emailing to [email protected] with the subject heading HIGHTIDE DISRUPTION CO-PRODUCTION APPLICATION. Applications will close on 4th January 2019. Interviews will be w/c 21st January at our offices in Farringdon.

As we are looking to support new plays, we anticipate that our applicants will also meet the criteria of being eligible for the Fringe First. However, if your show falls outside of the Fringe First criteria but you still believe it should be considered for HighTide's scheme, please explain your reasoning in your application. We are looking to programme productions who are intending on performing for the duration of the run. If you feel like your show would be a good fit and would like to apply but cannot commit to the full run of the Fringe, please get in touch with us here to explain further.

If you require an application form in an alternative format or have any access queries, contact Assistant Producer Holly here by email or 01728 573 101. Our interview shortlist will be drawn from the scripts and production plans that we feel we can best support. We’re happy to take questions via the phone (fastest), email and Twitter @_HighTide_

For the Disruption Assembly Festival and HighTide curated programme at Assembly Roxy:

Please apply through the general Assembly Festival form here.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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