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Cooking with Dad

14 September
by Yolanda Mercy Church Hall
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A work in progress by Yolanda Mercy.

Yinka has tricky relationship with commitment. Yinka has a complicated relationship with her Dad.

Everyone has an opinion on what she should do about them both.... ignore it. Ignore her attachment issues and reduce her desire to rekindle a relationship with her father. But when she feels alone the temptation leads her down a road she wasn’t expecting.

Can you make up for lost time?

Inspired by a real journey to build a relationship with a father.

Details: Sat 14 September, 2.30pm at Church Hall

Cooking with Dad is a new work in progress solo show from Yolanda Mercy (QUARTER LIFE CRISIS, Edinburgh Fringe/ Soho Theatre/ UK Tour), directed by Jade Lewis (SUPERHOE, Royal Court) and developed with HighTide Theatre.

Dates & Locations

Aldeburgh Festival 2019 14 September Book tickets
Latitude Festival 18 - 21 July 2019 Visit site

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