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11th - 19th September
by E V Crowe
This is a past event

Visionary and magical

The Telegraph

HighTide Festival Theatre and Daniel Brodie Productions, in association with The Yard Theatre present BRENDA by E V Crowe.

"I'm not a person."

Brenda doesn't think she's human.

Someone is trying to help her.

Brenda's doing her best.

E V Crowe's new play offers us Brenda's deposition, her testimony. It bears a striking resemblance to the world as we know it. Executed through unconventional means by writer E V Crowe and director Caitlin McLeod, two of our most exciting theatre makers, BRENDA will play along the fault lines of theatre and reality.

E V Crowe has recently been produced by the the Royal Court Theatre (Kin, Hero); RSC (I Can Hear You); Clean break (Doris Day), nabakov (Young Pretender, Virgin) and Unicorn Theatre (Liar,Liar).

Caitlin McLeod's recent work includes And I And Silence (Signature Theatre, New York), The Malcontent (Globe) and extensive work at the Royal Court and National Theatre.

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Dates & Locations

The Yard 22 September - 17 October Visit site

Cast & Creatives

  • Alison O’Donnell Brenda
  • Jack Tarlton Robert
  • E V Crowe Writer
  • Caitlin McLeod Director
  • James Turner Design
  • Richard Williamson Lighting Design
  • David Gregory Sound Design
  • Lotte Hines Casting Director

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