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HighTide Festival 2016

The Team

HighTide is composed of a small team of hard-working people.

Our core staff comprises:

Steven Atkinson  Artistic Director
Steven is co-founder and Artistic Director for HighTide, and creates the year-round artistic programme. Steven works closely with emerging writers to help hone their skills, and directs HighTide productions throughout the year including recently In Fidelity (Traverse Theatre, HighTide Festival) and The Sugar-Coated Bullets of the Bourgeoisie (Arcola Theatre, HighTide Festival).

Francesca Clark  Executive Producer
Francesca is Executive Producer for HighTide, and manages the strategic operations and supports the Artistic Director in the delivery the artistic programme. Francesca delivers the annual HighTide Festival and all subsequent transfers and touring work.

Paul Jellis  Executive Producer (Maternity Cover)
Paul is Executive Producer (Maternity Cover) for HighTide.

Robyn Keynes General Manager
Robyn assists Francesca with delivering the annual HighTide Festival, and all subsequent transfers and touring work, as well as managing the day-to-day running of HighTide as an organisation.

Holly White Administrative Assistant
Holly works to assist the team in all areas in delivering our annual Festival and all subsequent tours and transfers.

Marcelo Dos Santos New Work Manager
Marcelo oversees all of our literary schemes, and aids new writers in developing their ideas and work throughout the year. Marcelo also acts as a dramaturg for all HighTide Productions, aiding our playwrights in making the very best of their work.

Andrew Twyman Creative Associate
Andrew assists Steven and Marcelo in realising the artistic programme for HighTide, especially with reference to our outreach schemes, symposium, and literary schemes.

Charlie Dog  HighTide Mascot
Charlie Dog provides moral support, a wet nose and waggy tail for every occasion.